About us

Nurturing Young Talents

Little Genius educates the students with general knowledge and current affairs. It makes them efficient to inculcate good habits and imbibe the values of life. Little Genius entertains the kids with Moral stories, Quiz, Puzzles, Riddles, Crosswords, Science Articles, Motivational Stories, Health, Mind games, History, Inventions, Sports, Comics etc…This, in turn, helps in enhancing their confidence and competitive skills. Little Genius content is no less either, as it updates the reader with the happenings around the world, and helps in making their school projects easy.

Primary objective – We wish to inculcate reading habit in students and teach them to befriend books so that the realm of their knowledge is not limited. By combining fun and learning we aim to instil an ease and confidence in the students while they approach their studies which in turn would bring them better results in their exams. The habit of reading gradually makes them aware of the significance of knowledge in the betterment of life. Our ultimate goal is to build a warm and beautiful rapport between our students and the books so that even their exams fail to diminish their joy of learning.


Our aim is to inspire our young readers to realize their true potential and bring out the genius in them.


We give great importance to combining fun and learning. The method of using colorful pictures and games while conveying valuable information predominantly aims at retaining the fun factor while learning.


Aaref Saeed Mohamed Omar Al Marzooqui Chief Editor
Anil Nath K R Editor & Managing Director
Amer Ibrahim Khamis Mohammad Consulting Editor
Venu Variath Executive Editor
Dhanya Rejish Chief Executive Officer
Dhanek Nath K A Director - Sales & Marketing