Parent of Ridhish Sanjay KG 2-C & Eesha Sherkar Grade 6-G1, GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah

"He really enjoyed doing this. Yesterday his magazine came and he was dancing on seeing it. He had recently come from school and asking"is it my book". Overjoyed. Because I can't express how happy he is, Just by saying this book is for you. He sees his sister reading her little genius then he takes his and yes he is very much boosted by the content. It is very pro motive."

Parent of Shahzad Mohamed, Dubai Scholars Private School, Dubai

Little genius book is an amazing book. I have come across certain books for children, but what I find different from those books are the choice of articles they are including. It’s informative, usage of language is good that kids can easily understand and the font is also helpful to read easily. We have come across certain books that their stories are utter nonsense But the choice of stories in little genius are excellent and worthwhile. My son finds very interesting to read and listen. However we still suggest to add certain classic stories as well to grade as exemplary. Keep up the good work.

Grade - 11, Dubai International Academy

‘Little Genius’ is definitely a magazine to look out for, especially for younger school students – it is a perfect blend of fun and education. Through meticulous arrangement of articles and activities, it ensures that your interest is captured throughout your reading experience. Topics are incredibly broad and varied, ranging from black mambas to bitcoins, and just when you think that you’ve taken in a lot of information, there’s a game, intriguing activity or beautiful story to refresh you. I highly recommend this magazine for young minds who are eager to gain knowledge about science – it will not only capture your imagination through its stories, but leave you with an extensive, and formidable repertoire of information regarding the natural world and humans.

Student - Habitat School, Ajman

Little Genius is helpful for children. It gives ideas and knowledge. This book helps in improving skills within children. Concepts in book is explained in a way that fun and education both will go hand in hand. Different types of interesting articles, stories, etc., helps to motivate and think. It's all explained in a wonderful way so that children can understand easily. It gives a different learning experience for children. Little Genius helps in boosting skills of children from young age itself. It nourishes kids by improving their writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Quiz, science and technology and other information about world famous peoples increases general knowledge Little Genius is small book with a lot many information especially for children. It's a great event started and looking forward for something new in future.
  • Siddarth S Jayesh - Habitat School, Ajman

Grade 8 - Our Own English High School, Dubai

I  felt Little Genius is an enjoyable read for kids of all ages.It has content aimed at younger children and older as well. I've learnt a fair bit of information that I didn't know before.The articles are very engaging and I can really tell that a lot of thought has been put to the topics which were chosen.Normally some of these topics would sound boring but the way the writers tackled the subjects really surprised me.Overall I can't find a flaw with this magazine.It does what it aims to do and does it well.